Late Checkout

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One of the EDM and Dance Music world’s most prolific DJs hits the airwaves with ‘Late Checkout’ – a show to present Avi Sic’s epic ‘Open Format’ DJ style.

The very same club anthems and upfront beats and bass that has made her a highly in-demand DJ – racking up hundreds of shows a year and now bringing her live experience to the radio format.

This is not a show to be missed.

Late Checkout squadra


Avi Sic

Avi Sic is a driving force in today’s club scene. Performing over 300 shows a year at a variety of venues, Avi Sic has emerged a top open format DJ in Chicago and beyond. An East Coast transplant to the second city, Avi starting DJing and composing songs as a teenager, playing a range of musical instruments.

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