Digital Dance Radio

Tune into "Digital Dance Radio" with Meetch, a multi-genre DJ with over a decade of live music experience. Immersed in the dance music scene from coast to coast, Meetch's unmatched energy and crowd control skills promise ground-breaking tunes and a taste of true nightlife. Join the dance revolution!

With over a decade of live music performances, Meetch brings more than just amulti-genre DJ platter. Growing up while performing in bands as a drummer, he soon knew that it was time to explore the world on his own. Watch him shatter the dance floor with groundbreaking tunes that keep you asking for more. At 27 years old, Meetch has played at multiple renowned venues across the USA. Starting from the East Coast and now on the West Coast, he is not only a DJ, but an energy that is unmatched. In quest for more terms to describe Meetch, crowd control should be at the top of your dictionary.
Anytime or anyplace, Meetch will take the stage by storm and show you what nightlife is all about.

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