Marcy Coate


Love Songs

Love Songs, hosted by Marcy Coate is pure romance... in every genre of music... from classic rock, to easy listening, to jazz, and pop. Each week there is a different show with a carefully crafted and eclectic selection of songs. Marcy's classic radio DJ format is enjoyable and great for listening any time, anywhere. Since Love Songs features a mix of songs in English and Italian, she has created a […]

Marcy Coate is the host of Love Songs, our first regular weekly show in English.

Marcy was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and is currently enjoying her semi-retired life in central Italy. Her hobbies include making and listening to great music, arts and crafts, reading, and cooking. She is also an avid blogger and maintains several niche sites, including a Listening Guide for Love Songs, which helps non-Italian speakers understand the words of the Italian songs that she often includes in her lineup.

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