Eliyya Lane – “To Instagram”

“To Instagram” è il singolo della statuniteste Eliyya Lane.

Eliyya Lane (Eli-Yuh) is gaining notoriety from her country inspired alternative R&B music.  Emerging out of rural North America, Lane continues to improve with each new release.  With the combination of steel and pedal guitar, 80s synthesizers and vocoders complimenting her gritty and soulful R&B vocal, she consistently dives deeper into a modern, unique and original sound.  Accumulating more than 600k streams through Spotify alone, she has created a loyal fan base with more than 10k consistent monthly listeners.

Eliyya’s use of packing a vocal punch similar to Kat Dahlia with the finesse of Jhene Aiko, has created her to be a household voice for the voiceless.  Her songwriting tells the story of pain, happiness and beauty she has found in her life, the people she's met and her relationship with the ultimate Creator itself.

Eliyya has performed at venues across the greater midwest including Chicago, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Nashville.  She has put on shows at multiple different festivals including Light the Nations and Sevier Park Festival both in Nashville, Tennessee.







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The artists always reflect the times, so there's a lot to think about, a lot of unknowns, a lot of things that are describable. This is the closest I've seen to the kind of ambience that made the '60s happen. It's not about the artist having a responsibility to do anything. They have to be artists and express themselves and everything will work out fine.
Neil Young
Neil Young

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